March 27, 2017

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What is IP PBX?

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a phone exchange or exchanging framework that serves a private association and performs grouping of focal office lines or trunks and gives intercommunication between an expansive numbers of phone stations in the organization. Generally, a mini business PBX is a phone exchanging framework that oversees approaching and active requires an organization’s inner clients. A PBX System is associated with general society telephone framework and naturally courses approaching calls to particular expansions. It additionally shares and deals with different lines. A normal miniature business PBX framework incorporates outside and inner telephone lines, a PC server that oversees call exchanging and directing and a console for manual control.

Advantages Of IPPBX:

There are various key benefits for utilizing a PBX versus phone service or obtaining an office phone system.

  • Preparatory Expense Savings : You don’t have to make an extensive forthright venture by acquiring an office phone framework and there is no compelling reason to look after it. With a PBX arrangement the workplace phone framework is worked and kept up by you’re supplier.
  • Unremitting Expense Savings : Typically, a PBX execution is fundamentally more financially savvy as time goes on than a conventional PBX. These progressing reserve funds are not with standing the beginning investment funds on capital cost.
  • Reliability : For little organizations a virtual framework can give them moment validity by giving their clients an expert sounding phone arrangement. Conventional phone frameworks are by and large cost-restrictive for littler associations.
  • Measurability: Traditional telephone frameworks are constrained by what number of clients they can deal with and additionally what number of lines you have acquired from your neighborhood phone supplier. Virtual frameworks can extend and develop with your business as you need them to.
  • Instant Setup : A PBX arrangement can have you up and running immediately contrasted with a customary phone framework
  • Lack of Difficulty for Use :Customer management of a PBX is significantly more easy to use than is the situation with conventional arrangements. Natural web interfaces imply that anybody can oversee, screen and roll out improvements to the administration whenever, without requiring any particular ability.

Combined with eNikMa Infotech reasonable & straightway support, this PBX permits customers to convey bother free and dependable IP-based telecom administrations in a fast and consistent way with insignificant interruption for having a low resilience in downtime that adds more indicates its expense viability.


Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

User Features

  • View User
  • Add / Import User

Account Features

  • SIP Settings
  • Trunk Settings

Call Plan & Dial Plan Features

  • Dial Plans
  • Out Going Call Rules
  • Incoming Call Rules

PBX Features

  • Call Conference
  • Call Recording
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Queue
  • Announcements
  • Ring Groups
  • MOH (Music on Hold)
  • Follow Me
  • IVR(Interactive voice response)
  • Voice Email
  • Time Condition
  • Time Groups

Call Status & Report

  • CDR Report

System Features

  • System Status

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