March 27, 2017

Multi Seller Billing Platform

SIP Trunking is a VoIP and streaming media service. It is based on the Session Initiation Protocol. The telecom traders provide advanced calling facilities and unified communication to customers through the SIP Trunking.

eNikMa Infotech continually investigate the innovation to give easy to understand communication solutions for an assorted scope of organizations the whole way across the world. We supply efficient and adaptable arrangements mixed with corporate scale productivity. We are additionally a popular SIP Trunking solution provider accompanied by a giant index of customers all over the world.

eNikMa SIP Trunking Solutions are intended to make cutting-edge and efficient your business communication and decrease its expense to the least. SIP server empowers you to make worldwide calls through direct dialing as opposed to utilizing any access number. Therefore once make use of our SIP Trunking Solution for your communication business and certainly take advantage of low cost investment and quality of service.

What is SIP?

SIP or Session Initiated Protocol is a technique of transmitting voice and data over the internet. The most well-known uses of SIP are in Internet telephony for voice and video calls, and also instant messaging all over IP networks. The huge numbers of companies are almost always paying distinct bills for their utilization of phone and internet. Such organizations can decrease their monthly phone bills by changing to SIP Trunking and consolidating data transfer capacity for SIP Trunking and the internet on a solitary internet circuit.


SIP server is a great deal of cost effective and distinctive option for customary telecom services. SIP Server is efficient, as well as being always upgraded to convey preferable communication experience to the clients.

Reliable and Flexible Business SIP Trunking Solution for VoIP Providers


  • Save your valuable time and cash
  • Centralize all your global business calls
  • No requirement for dialing different access numbers. Make consistent and direct worldwide calls.
  • Save your expense essentially on long separation correspondence
  • Topmost quality voice calling efficiency crosswise over whole venture
  • Increase productivity of the data connectivity
  • You can proceed with SIP either by calling your service supplier for additional SIP trunk virtual connection or by expanding the data transmission capacity of your internet connection
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