March 31, 2017

Marketing Tools

Bulk SMS messaging is continually evolving.  Future or current clients are more likely to read an SMS bulk message than read an email.  SMS messaging is a direct connection to clients.  SMS messaging can be utilized as a platform when introducing new products or services.  Mass communication assists to increase business.  This service makes your communication with your clients in a much easier and more efficient way.  SMS messaging  can reach a customer no matter their location.  SMS messaging serves from a smaller scale enterprise to a much larger scale.  SMS messaging allows you to send messages to individuals or much larger groups simultaneously.  Messages are sent from the internet directly to the palms of each client.

An SMS message landing page is an extension to your main web page.   The specific goal of a landing page is to turn your visitors into sales.  SMS landing page captures your visitors details such as name and email address.  An SMS landing page should consist of sufficient detail of what service you’re providing.   The landing page is used to lead the customer in looking closer to your product and attracting prospects in making their decision to purchase the product and or service you’re offering.

Auto dialing is being used worldwide.  The system is used to market to companies the product or service you’re providing.   Auto dial marketing is a much more efficient way than dialing one number manually at a time.  This system will expedite the dialing of all phone numbers on your client list.  Auto dial marketing is the most efficient way to market to your current client list.  When auto dial is utilized and reaches voicemail will leave a recorded message,  this is called voice broadcasting.  A key feature of auto dialing is that it can distinguish when the call is answered by a voicemail system or if the call is answered by a live party.  Auto dial marketing will raise productivity in growing any business.

E Commerce is an essential platform for electronically buying and selling products or services through the internet. Notable examples of a ecommerce is online banking, online shopping and being able to track your order.  Many businesses have expanded their customer base by offering products or services online.  Ecommerce is a safe and secure electronice hub in the exchange of money transfers.  Ecommerce eliminates high overhead costs of running a business.  Ecommerce web sites use an SSL certificate to secure all data such as credit card numbers and all other personal information.  When you enter your credit card information it’s then transported through a gateway such as PayPal.   Checking out is secure and you will know this as a lock symbol appears and SSL certificate. This SSL certificate makes it nearly impossible of fraud.

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