March 27, 2017

Call Shops

With the adaptable, hearty and easy to utilize Call Shop module and online administration apparatus, Adore Infotech have a long involvement in Call Shop market around the world. Our module is completely good and effectively gets connected with the wide assortment of VoIP gadgets to offer consistent call shop administrations. Adore Infotech comes to the aid of CallShop, calling booth or Internet cafe proprietor to get great return on investment with the cheapest conceivable International call rates with the utilization of our propelled module of Call Shop Solution.

Hence you wish to begin setting up and dealing with your own particular different CallShop network in your nation or anywhere in whole world. At that point Adore CallShop is a higher quality solution and rational choice to saturate your all requirements. You require more specialized or estimating information about our CallShop Solution, please contact our sales person through Live Help.


Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Realtime billing
  • Prepaid/Postpaid support
  • Booth/Callshop/Reseller Credit limit
  • Multi-callshop support in one system
  • Profit calculate
  • CDR search/browser
  • Credit operation history
  • Print receipt
  • Outbound billing

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